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100 Word Writing Prompt 2

In 100 words or less, write a story that includes the following: a nudist, a souvenir, an old photo album.


Sitting on the beach bum crusted in sand, he flipped through the old photo album. It was just pictures of himself with his ex. They had come to this beach. He had changed his lifestyle for her. People had laughed when he said he was a nudist. They said it was just because she was naked. But…He loved her. Passionately. Beyond sex. The souvenir he had bought her, a small music box, played its song for the millionth time. She had left him. Dropping the album to the sand, he stood stepping into the waves for the final time.


100 word writing prompt

In 100 words or less, write a story that includes the following: a paranormal investigator, an old pocket knife, and a can of beans.


Yesterday, everyone was here in the house he was investigating. The next day, all that was left was an old pocket knife in a drawer in the front room, and a can of beans in the pantry. Some furniture was still here, covered and dusty. He scanned the knife and can, but there was only an inscription on the knife. The activity from before had disappeared. The family from before gone. He wondered if it had been a vision since he’d walked in the door. Had he arrived yesterday, or had he just walked in?




I find the shorter writing prompts harder than longer ones. It is a good exercise as I cut a lot of excess words out and find the real story.