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The Eaten Flame – 650 short

  • Word count: 650
  • Genre: Fairy Tale
  • Character: A single mother
  • Material: Fire
  • Sentence: “This is delicious!”
  • Bonus: Your character has lost someone dear.


“This is delicious!” She thought to herself because she didn’t dare let on to the wizard how good it was. Her blue eyes flicked up to the brown eyes of the wizard watching her.


“I guess. It’s okay?” She mumbled with a shrug. Her eyebrow went up when he continued to stare at her. “What?” She shook her head. Why was he watching her like that? Looking down in the pit, she followed the flickering flame. Had she done something wrong? The man had said taste this. So, she had. Her gaze drifted back up to wizard.


“I hadn’t meant the fire.” They stared into each other’s eyes. “There are potatoes near the coal.”


“Oh…” She frowned feeling like she had revealed something she was supposed to keep secret. Shifted nervously, she let go of the handful of fire she had been about to eat next. “Well. It’s not such a big deal is it? I mean. You’re a wizard. You understand.” She gestured towards him with her hands. He seemed uncertain at best with his lips pressed together.


“It is. Few are able to consume flame, fewer still able to eat magic fire. When you said you had something to tell me, this wasn’t what I had expected.” He took a deep breath tilting his head. “But still. You had implied it was important. Do you…” He lifted his eyebrow at her as she stared hungrily at the flame. “Would you just eat already?” He sighed. Without any further permission needed, she began to consume the flame as if it was pudding.


“Anyway.” He shook his head. “Do you have a craving for it?”


“No. Not generally. I mean.” She shifted on her seat on the log. “I can and it makes me feel better, but I don’t feel like I have to have it.”


Her answer soothed the wizard visibly. His posture relaxed. She glanced at him before continuing. He would never tell her but she had begun to glow radiating the heat she was consuming.


“I suppose this is the time I tell you. I’ve never seen anyone capable of eating flame.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “You already said that.” For some reason, she didn’t believe him. There was no way someone as mediocre as her was special.


“I’m serious. I’m not sure at which point you lost your confidence. I know your…your ex wasn’t a perfect candidate.”


At the mention of her ex, she glared at the other causing him to choke on his next words. She let the fire back down and sat back crossing her arms on her chest. Her eyebrows went up transforming her from her usual patient appearance to intolerant.


“I, ah…Well,” He cleared his throat. “I was hoping you would be receptive to…to well, coming to the academy. I don’t mean the school but the research. NOT,” He exclaimed raising his hands when she moved as if to flee. “To demonstrate, not to find out how to tick, but only to see what you can do and accomplish. I only want you to expand your power in a healthy way.” He stopped for a moment before continuing.


“You can bring your son with you. It is likely he has a gift as well.” He separated his hands then clasped them together again. “If you are what I think you are, you have a bright-” He chuckled at the pun. “Future ahead of you. You might be one of the more powerful magick users I’ve seen. ANd one of the only who have survived without training.” He admitted the last part.


“I’ll go. Only if you promise no harm will come to me and my son, and if…if he could go to the school to learn.”


The wizard agreed. “Truly, I promise. The academy will be thrilled to know we have two new users coming.” He stood. With a wave of his hand, he wrapped up the fire and everything around it. She stood with him unsure of their future, but it would hopefully better with the use of magic. The two of them headed for the nearby town to pick up her son and head off to the academy. The wizard was in a much better mood. She didn’t know why he was so cheerful. There was no way she could know. He was in such a great mood because he might have just solved their crisis.