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My name is Alisha Jensen. I’ve lived in the desert most my life moving about. One thing I’ve always gone to when the world was too much was books. Whether it was my books or someone else’s, a recommendation or found by me, I’ve always read as many books as I could find I liked.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been writing stories. I told my dad about the different ideas I had. Tirelessly, he always sat there listening, offering ideas of his own, and the selfless act of reading my first works. When I read them, I was embarrassed, but my dad would say. “We all have to start somewhere.” And go on to tell me what he liked most about what I wrote. He even gave me his old typewriter, then computer to write stories on. Regardless of what was going on in his life, he always took the time to listen to my stories. This most of all pushed me to write even more.

After he passed away after a long fight with cancer, it took a while to get back to writing. Now, I feel even more inspired to write. Especially because it’s one of the things we shared.

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