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It’s my birthday!

For once, it’s gone really well and it’s got me all sorts of excited. I’m so happy my other took me out, and made me breakfast this morning. I have to say. Waking up to the smell of bacon is amazing. All in all not a bad day at all.

Letter from the Author

Sorry For the Lack of Writings

Hey Everyone,


Sorry for the lack of posts, stories or otherwise. This year has been a real tough one for me. Someone I thought of as my best friend used, abused and in so many ways misused me. I have forgiven the debt she owes me just to end that connection. She took as much as she could from me and took advantage of my trust. She hurt my dog, my son, my other, and myself. Who knows what else she did.

I think the worst part was when she did it. I would have been ‘ok’ had it been most any other time, but my dad passed and it was the anniversary of that date. She had promised to be there for me and in the end hurt me in the worst way possible on one of the worse dates possible making the cut extra deep then had the gall to tell everyone how it was all my fault because she couldn’t possibly stand to have it be her fault.

In the end it was a huge mess, with lots of fighting, arguing, and lots and lots of bitterness. I’ve worked through most of it, but seeing her in such a terrible way now doesn’t make me feel any better. Not that I did any of it, despite her blaming me for anything that goes wrong.

She had been my best friend for 17 years but she’s become someone I don’t know. Or maybe, I just didn’t realize how easily she justified manipulating and using people was for her.

In any case, it has been hard getting my creative writing down on paper. I have lots of ideas and lots inspiration. I’m feeling a lot more excited about things. I wish things hadn’t happened the way they did, but with the support of friends and family. I’ve begun to move forward again. It makes me especially grateful for true friends and family.

Thank you for your patience.